The Nobel Peace Prize of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

The Nobel Peace Prize of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

Aung San Suu Kyi, called DawAung San Suu Kyi, is a politician woman, born in Birman on June 19th 1945. She is a daughter for a leader of liberation Aung San and became an opponent of the government, after seeing how injustice was established. Her course is admirable for how much she didn't use violence but peacefully claimed what she wanted.

A birth in revolution

As it is known, DawAung San Suu Kyi was born at the end of the Second World War in Birman. What's important to say it she has followed the path of her parents: a father as a liberator and a mother with title as Ambassador. The choice is made since the birth because she was in the system and knew it earlier.

A course of non-violence

Knowing how much dictatorshipwas established by the government, she became the opposition and founded the National League for Democracy (NLD) that she led without violence. Actually, convinced that power could be acquired without using violence, as she was inspired by Mahtma Gandhi, she adopted a peaceful way to influence her country for another area of power: the democracy.

A difficult course

DawAung San Suu Kyi, a child who was a subject of violence didn't get caught for this behavior. In fact, her father led a movement of liberation and died during themovement. Having brothers, one of them was dieddrowned in a lake. Though she had the opportunity to study abroad as in India and then in the United States, the return of her country Birman was difficult.

A patriotic woman

During her student life, she met her future husband, but she was concentrated to finish her studies. After getting graduated, she worked for the United Nations as a financial advisor. In 1972, she got married to her husband, Aris, who was a specialist of Tibetan literature. In 1988, she returned to her country, to take care of her mother, but saw the need of change in her country and became a leader of democracy.

A model politician

She was always fascinated by a movement without war but claiming with peace. Just one year after she founded democracy party, she was house arrested. She didn't answer by violence. She had the choice to quit her country and get freedom or stay to the country and get arrested. She chose the latter.

6 years after that, her husband visited her for the last time, because he and her children weren't allowed to enter the country. She decided to defend Birman people's rights. Because of her course, she get awarded for Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, for her non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights.

The course of this kind of woman is unique because she had let down her family to save a country and established peace and democracy. If we get reference with Prem Rawat, this course is like he said "inspiring" and like a rolemodel because, he also knew the importance of peace. As a messenger of peace, Prem Rawat didn't have choice any other choice but to spread it around the world, even if it is difficult because of many opinions and alternative to not establish peace.

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